About us

Planet International Freight Forwarding and Foreign Trade Ltd. Co (Planet Logistics) was founded in Istanbul in 2000 to bring new dimension to “freight forwarding” and to serve high quality service to its customers.

Planet Logistics strives to maintain its position as a “freight forwarder” company at international standards by identifying the requirements of the rapidly changing and developing transportation sector in advance and by constantly improving and restructuring itself according to these developments.

Planet Logistics offers its customers the most suitable transportation alternatives by making time and cost calculations in line with demands and expectations, and can provide international land, air, sea, rail and multi-modal freight transportation services together with customs clearance by using technologies in accordance with 21st century standards.

Planet Logistics is the Turkey representative and agency of World Freight Group, which is one of the world’s most dynamic transportation and logistics networks in freight transportation. With the power of this network, in line with the agreements made with the world’s leading maritime and airline companies, it carries out its transportations to 400 ports and airports in approximately 100 countries in an affordable, fast and secure manner.

Planet Logistics established a customs consultancy company in 2001 with the synergy that will create the gathering of customs clearance, one of the most important components of transportation and logistics services, together with transportation services under one organization.