Customs Clearance

Planet has been adding strategic value to the supply Chain by providing customs clearance solutions since the millennium.
Planet ensures full and complete handling of the legal obligations of its customers and concludes the import and export procedures.

Some of the privileged customs clearance services that we offer as PLANET are as follows;

  • Performing export, import customs clearance procedures
  • ATA Carnet operations
  • Diplomatic goods customs procedures handling
  • Personal goods customs procedures handling
  • Household goods customs procedures handling
  • Customs clearance handling of your goods for Fair, Exhibition, Conference, Commercial Shows, etc.
  • Deposit payments and settlement procedures
  • Customs legislation consultancy
  • Execute transit customs clearance procedures
  • Fast customs procedures with EDI on-line connection to all customs
  • Rapid execution of transactions by establishing an on-line connection with exporters’ associations through the e-union system,
  • By working together, PLANET Logistics and Customs can provide a service that can eliminate possible coordination and organization problems caused by working with different companies in the field of transportation and customs clearance.